Welcome !

I’m Carla Abrantes the Founder, Head Stylist and Image Coach at Refined Muse and I am here to help.

“I have the privilege of working with women of all sizes, shapes and backgrounds”

I’m here to help

“I have the opportunity to work with women of all kinds, each hiding a unique kind of beauty.”

Why Me ?

Growing up as an only child among adults, I became a keen observer from a very young age. I carried a sketchbook everywhere I went, using it as a medium to capture the world around me. My consistent interest in tracking beauty and grace drove me to become a visual artist and later, an educator to others.

My greatest joy is teaching and coaching other creative minds to track, produce, and challenge the ever-changing beauty qualities around us. As a stylist, I have the opportunity to work with women of all kinds and backgrounds, each hiding a unique kind of beauty. I feel privileged to have the tools and knowledge to help them unlock their grace and express their elegance through their style. It’s an honour to witness them being seen in their beauty, heard in their ambitions, and empowered to achieve their dreams